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Virtual Post


At Virtual Post we love working with pictures and sound.  As our name suggests, we are a cloud post production company that partners with clients to create amazing content.


We are a friendly and technically savvy bunch.  We cover everything you could possibly want from a post production partner, whether we look after you remotely at your home or ours.



Expensive biscuits? Frappuccino?

How do you take your post production?

Traditionally, post production is serviced from the heart of Soho in fancy suites with an array of workstations, walnut polished floors with the odd Chandelier, and runners on hand to cater to your every whim. Several weeks are spent both in offline and final post before the production is complete. They are accompanied by costs as dazzling as the decor!


Virtual Post has a different approach, firstly we are location flexible. Secondly, we provide absolute transparency and only offer what we can deliver on. Thirdly our approach is supported with best in class technical and post production knowledge.


With a global pandemic and advances in technology, we have gone to great lengths to replicate the traditional post production experience wherever you need it.  We offer virtual edit suites either Avid or Adobe, but most importantly, and what makes us unique, is our service is fully supported by our team of remote edit assistants and post supervisors. Real people. And of course editors, producers/directors can also collaborate remotely as they would as if sitting on that plush Chesterfield in Soho.


But if you do need a production office to enable collaboration in person, you can rent space at our Brighton home of post production, or we can help you find office space across the UK. As long as there is reasonable connection to the internet, we will make sure you are happy; heck we will even hire you a Herman Miller Aeron chair to sit on!