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At Home With The Nolans

4 x 60'  |   Koska   |  Quest Red

The Nolan sisters are back: funny, feisty and facing the fight of their lives. Now, alongside fifth sister Denise, they’re inviting us into their homes in Cheshire and Lancashire for a joy-filled new series.

As they support Linda and Anne in their gruelling fight against cancer, the gang will also kick off a search for the sister they’ve never met; consider getting tested for the cancer gene, and prepare to surprise Anne on her 70th birthday.

Along the way, we’ll see girls’ trips away, hot dates, follow Coleen as she moves into her stunning new Cheshire farmhouse, and meet the rest of their hilarious clan as we learn that no matter what life throws at these ladies, their humour and love for each other makes every day a celebration…

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