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Pete Collins

Dubbing Mixer

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Favourite VP show


Other, Like Me





A Path With a Heart - Jack Kornfield.



One hand clapping

The Green Mile

An experienced and supportive dubbing mixer with expertise across a wide range of programming. 


Originally trained by the BBC, worked at post production facilities in Soho for ten years before becoming freelance in 2007. Proficient with complex technical workflows as well as creative sound design.


Won a BAFTA Award 1995 (Best Sound: Fiction/Entertainment) for BBC drama Loved Up.

Career Credit List


Drama & Documentary


Other, Like Me - Willow Glen Films/BBC, feature.

Buildings That Fought Hitler  -  Hello Mary/UKTV.

A For Andromeda  - BBC, TV Film.

The Magician's House 1 & 2 - Kudos/BBC, drama series.

Twisted Tales - BBC, TV drama series.

Hearts & Bones - BBC, TV drama series.

Love Bites: Loved Up * Won BAFTA Best Sound - BBC, TV film drama (dir: Peter Cattaneo).

Casualty - BBC, TV drama series (dir: Hettie McDonald).

Jonathan Creek - BBC, TV drama series (dir: Sandy Johnson).

David Baddiel: Social Media, Anger & Us - Wall To Wall/BBC, documentary.

The Long March To Freedom - ASA Productions Ltd, feature.

War Above The Trenches - ASA Productions/UKTV, feature.

Buildings That Fought Hitler  - Hello Mary/UKTV.

Bristol Scout  - ASA Productions/UKTV, feature.

Exhibition On Screen: I, Monet - Seventh Art Productions, feature.

Exhibition On Screen: Hockney - Seventh Art Productions, feature.

Forest, Field & Sky: Art Out of Nature - BBC 4, arts documentary.

I Was A Jet Age Stewardess - Transparent/UKTV.

Ancient Discoveries - Wild Dream Films/Discovery, series.

The Second Coming - Wild Dream Films/Discovery, documentary.

How The Other Half Live - RDF Media, series.

Buildings That Shaped Britain - Talkback Thames/C5, series.

Fighting The Blue - ASA Productions Ltd/UK History.

Reigning In Hell  - Leopard Films/C4, documentary.

Air Crash Investigation: Flight 811  - Cineflix/C4, documentary.

Real Life: Me & My Face - Leopard Films/ITV, documentary.

Lost Worlds: Palenque - Atlantic/Discovery, documentary.

Rik Mayall’s Violent Nation - Outline/Discovery, series.

People's Century  - BBC, history.

Horizon - Living Death - BBC, science.

QED - Trauma - BBC, science.

Arena - Diana Dors - BBC, arts.




The Woodland Workshop  - Ricochet/Discovery, series.

Sally’s Posh Sleepovers  -  Chatterbox/C5, series.

The Nolans go Cruising UK  - Koska/Quest, series.

The Royals: A History Of Scandals  - Hello Mary/C4, series.

Food Unwrapped  - Ricochet/C4.

Deadliest Mums & Dads  -  Crackit/Discovery, series.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding  - Firecracker Films/C4.

James May’s Toy Stories  - Plum Pictures/BBC, series.

Signed By Katie Price  - Pricey Media/Sky, series.

The Grape Escape  - Reef TV/ Discovery, series.

King Of The Hammers  - LSPTV/ TERN, sports series.
Ultimate Rides  - Barcroft/A&E, series.

Cars That Rock  - Back2Back, Quest, series.

B & B The Best  - Leopard Films/BBC, series.

Passport To The Sun  - Lion TV/BBC, series.

Accidents Can Happen  - Two Four/BBC, series.

Holiday  - BBC, series.

Cook On The Wild Side  - C4, series.

Monkey Life  - Pick/Primate Planet, series.

Vets In the Wild  - BBC, series.

Dispatches  - ITN, various.

Panorama  - Back2Back/BBC.


Comedy, Entertainment & Music


Ricky Gervais: Golden Years  - Avalon/C4.

Otis Lee Crenshaw Live  - Open Mike/BBC.

Jack Dee Live  - Open Mike/BBC.

The Comedy Store  - Open Mike.

Frankie Boyle: Tramadol Nights  - C4.

Stewart Lee & Richard Herring : TMWRNJ  - BBC, series.

Three Non Blondes  - BBC.

In Session With…  - Factory Films/BBC.

Fun At The Funeral Parlour  - BBC, sitcom.

It's Only TV...But I like It  - BBC, series.

Star For A Night  - Mentorn/BBC, series.

He's Starsky, I'm Hutch  - Monkey Kingdom.

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll  - BBC Manchester.

Jamie Cullum : Catching Tales  - Off The Radar.

Judge Jules: Order in The House  - BBC.

George Michael: Ladies & Gentleman  - BBC.                                 

Shirley Bassey: This Is My Life  - BBC.

Spice Girls: Miami Spice  - C4.

Sounds Like The 80’s  - Gold Wala/ More4.

Help ! My House Is Haunted  - B2B/Discovery, series 5.

Celebrity: Help ! My House Is Haunted  - B2B/Discovery, series 3 & 4.

Only Fools & Horses Greatest Christmas Moments  - C5/ Studio Crook.


Children’s/ Education


Lily’s Driftwood Bay  - Sixteen South/Sprout, series.

Jim Henson’s Pajanimals  - Sixteen South/Jim Henson Company, series.

My Life: Danny’s Miracle  - STV/CBBC.

Blue Peter  - BBC, series.

Record Breakers  - BBC, series.

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