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Virtual Post has made the complete switch to 100% cloud working a formality rather than a reinvention.

We have always strived to mirror the editor's user experience in a regular facility house when home working, so have gone to great lengths to deliver remote edit solutions that replicate the setup in their post facility.


This approach, coupled with a full remote edit assistant and post supervision team to support virtual workers, is receiving first-class feedback from clients and talent alike. 




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Remote Editing

Sam Bennett, 

Offline Editor

Seamless experience with full post production

Editing at home.jpg

Tracey Ashcroft, 

Offline Editor

Virtual Post make remote editing a reality

Remote Video Editing.heic

Glenn Furmanski, 

Offline Editor

Simple setup fabulous experience

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Edit Hire


If you are an Agency, Post Production Facility or a Creative, you can hire our remote edits suites and cloud managed services for your productions. In a true collaboration, we will supplement your own resources, adding capability and power while only providing what you need.


Please contact us right away to talk about your next project.


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