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Ross Copeland

Online Editor / Colourist


Favourite VP show



Monkey Life




The Culture Series - Iain M. Banks



90's Grunge

The Newsroom

With nearly 40 years of experience in TV post-production as an editor, online editor, and colourist, Ross has worked on countless hours of content. Ross has had a successful freelance career for 27 years using Avid, Davinci Resolve and other non linear editing platforms and Davinci Resolve certified. Fast, technical, and creative, Ross will complete your finishing session to the highest possible standard.

Career Credit List


Only Fools And Horses: Greatest Christmas Moments. Studio Crook for Channel 5

Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted. Back2Back for Discovery Channel

Emergency Nurses S2. Crackit Productions for ITV2

The Football Academy S2. ZigZag for CBBC

Monkey Life S16. Primate Planet Productions on Sky/Banijay

Help! My House Is Haunted S5. Back2Back for Discovery Channel

Repair Shop. Christmas Special 2022. Ricochet for BBC.

Repair Shop. 2022. 15 Episodes. Ricochet for BBC

Monkey Life. Series 15. Primate Planet Productions for Sky

Northern Justice. Series 1. Middlechild Productions for BBC1

Emergency Nurses, A+E Stories. Series 1. Crackit Productions for ITV2

One Night Stand? Series 1. Hello Mary Productions for E4 Channel 4.

Flat Out Fabulous. Ricochet for BBC Three

Monkey Life. Series 14. Primate Planet Productions for Sky

Call The Bailiffs. Series 1. Middlechild Productions for Channel 5

Repair Shop S6 Ep26 & Ep48 & S7, 7 episodes. Ricochet for BBC

Survivors - Kayleigh Episode. Hello Mary for A&E Networks

Sally Lindsay’s Posh Sleepovers. Series 1. Chatterbox Media for Channel 5

Secrets of the Transport Museum. Series 1 & 2. Middlechild Productions for UKTV

Centrepoint Xmas Sponsor a room appeal. 5 x Charity TVCs. Middlechild Productions

RSPCA Xmas & Winter appeals. 8 X Charity TVCs. Middlechild Productions

British Red Cross Mark Xmas appeal. 5 x Charity TVCs. Middlechild Productions

Royal National Institute for the Blind Xmas. 8 x Charity TVCs. Middlechild Productions

The Dog Rescuers. Series 9. 16 Episodes. Middlechild Productions for Channel 5

British Red Cross Legacy 60” Charity TV Commercial. Middlechild Productions

A Big History of Australia. Middlechild Productions for Channel 5

A Big History of America. Middlechild Productions for Channel 5

Pandemic: Covid19. ITN Productions for Discovery Channel

Stacey Dooley Investigates: The Whale Hunters. Chatterbox Media for BBC

New Scotland Yard Files. 10 part series.  ITN Productions for CBS Reality

Loyle Carner Promos. for MTV

Olay social media campaign. Paul Winter Photography for Saatchi & Saatchi

Inside the Sex Toy factory. Koska for Channel 5

The Great Staycation: Macs Farm. Factory Films for BBC1

Branded online content. Noe Associates

Secrets of the Royal Train, Secrets of the Royal Flight. 2X60 min docs. Lambent Productions for Channel 5 

Monkey Life Series 12. Primate Planet Productions for Sky. 

Latin Music: In Session With. Factory Films for BBC

Teachers Pet: Groomed At School. Crackit Productions for Channel 5

Snatched And Sold For Sex. Crackit Productions for Channel 5

A Very British Sex Shop. Crackit Productions for Channel 5

Storm Huntley Investigates. Koska Productions for Channel 5

Monkey Life Series 11. Primate Planet Productions for Animal Planet 

Born Different. Series. Barcroft Productions for ITV World. 

Trump & Russia: Sex, Spies & Scandal. ITN Productions for Channel 4 Dispatches.

Drug Lords. Episode 8 Bruinsma.  ITN Productions for Netflix.

Super Hurricanes: Inside Monster Storms. ITN Productions for Discovery Channel 

Most Ridiculous. Clip series. Viacom for Comedy Central

Scrap Kings. Back2Back productions for Discovery

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Japan. BBC for BBC 3 

Dr Gunther Von Hagens Crucifixion. The Garden Productions for Channel Four

Evanescence - MTV World Stage. MTV for Sky


Maroon 5 MTV World Stage. MTV Europe for MTV & Sky

Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Les Folies Tour. Blink TV for Sky

Kings of Leon. MTV Europe for MTV & Sky

Diversity – The Diversitoys Tour. Sky Creative for Sky

The Reef. Sky Creative for Sky

Dance, Dance, Dance. (I3DS Award Winner). Fresh One Prods for Sky & Sky Arts

Sia 'Clap Your Hands' (Music Video). Splinter Films for Sony

James May's Toy Stories. Plumb Pictures for BBC 

Shakespeare at the Globe (3 x 2hour 40' plays). (Cinema release) 

Blood, Sweat & Takeaways. Ricochet for BBC 3 

Born To Be Different. Ricochet for Channel 4 

The Real Swiss Family Robinson. Ricochet for BBC 

Cowboy Builders. Ricochet for FIVE 

Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle (20 x 30'). Ricochet for BBC 

Lifeproof (10 x 30'). Lambent Prods for Channel 4 Education 

Pussies Galore. Lambent Prods for Channel 4 

Open House (40 x 30’). Ricochet for BBC 

My Child Won’t Eat. Ricochet for ITV 

Breaking into Tesco Ep2. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Fat Doctor. Electric Sky for Discovery Health  

Teens & Parents: Welcome To My World. Lambent Prods for Channel 4 Education 

It’s Me Or The Dog. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Selling Houses Abroad. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Supernanny – Beyond The Naughty Step. Ricochet for E4 (Channel 4) 

Supernanny. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Admission Impossible 2 x 60. Ricochet for Channel 4 

My Crazy Life. Ricochet for Channel 4 Education 

Risking It All. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Selling Houses UK. Ricochet for Channel 4 

No Going Back. Ricochet for Channel 4 

Colin & Justin’s Wedding Belles 3 x 60 mins. Ricochet for  Channel 5

Leave No Trace. Ricochet for BBC 

Car Booty. Leopard Films for BBC 

Cash In The Attic. Leopard Films for BBC 

National Accident Helpline TV adverts x 4. Space City 

Pride of Britain Awards. ITV

The Reclaimers. Wall to Wall TV for BBC 

The Man Who Broke Britain. Wall to Wall TV for BBC 

We’ve Got The Builders In. Wall to Wall TV for BBC 

House Trapped In the Sun. Ricochet South for Channel 4 

Salvage Squad. Wall to Wall for C4 

That’ll teach ‘em – Show 4. Twenty Twenty TV for C4 

Mysterious Girl (Music Video Dir. Claudia Castle). Peter Andre. Mushroom Records.

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