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Virtual Post has gained a reputation for providing a client-focused service across all aspects of post production. Our work includes documentaries, factual and entertainment television, films and event cinema. Our talented and friendly team are adept at all parts of the post-production process, including media management, editorial, video finishing, colour grading, audio mixing, quality control and final mastering. We provide deliverables in all the necessary formats for UK terrestrial and broadcast global markets.


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Offline | Online | Avid | Adobe Premiere Television | Promos | Corporate | Film  

Virtual Post offers edit suites with natural light that are purposefully designed to encourage creativity and collaboration.


As a client, you will be completely supported by our skilled edit team and made to feel at ease by our hospitality during your production.


Resolve | Avid

Television | Promos | Corporate | Film 

Bringing out the best from your raw footage is one of the most difficult aspects of the post production process, especially with the wide range of cameras and colour space options available today.  


We specialise in grading and are very comfortable in handling all types of work including commercials,  broadcast television programmes to full-length feature films

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Pro Tools  | VO | ADR | Audio Mix | Mastering 
Television | Promos | Corporate | Film 

Our sound suites are purpose-built both for recording voice over and television audio mixing.  

Each studio is connected throughout our facilities and remotely. To get a great final mix our talented engineers provide the perfect blend of insight and intuition, experience and expertise. It's knowing how to fade in just the right levels of emotion, energy and colour to fully reveal character and story.


Frame Rate Conversion | Re-versioning | QC | Localisation |  Transcoding | Delivery

You have finished the show, all 10 episodes ready for the first UK transmission, we are here to deliver the perfect format to any international broadcaster, not just the UK.  


We are an active member of the DPP and deliver to all major networks and channels globally. Our frame-rate conversion service is genuinely unrivalled with Virtual Post’s premium service setting the gold standard for the event-cinema market.

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Remote Services

Virtual Post Brighton   | Throughout the UK |

Connected to Virtual Post services

Virtual Post has made the complete switch to 100% cloud working a formality rather than a reinvention.

We have always strived to mirror the editor's user experience in a regular facility house when home working, so have gone to great lengths to deliver remote edit solutions that replicate the setup in their post facility.


This approach, coupled with a full remote edit assistant and post supervision team to support virtual workers, is receiving first-class feedback from clients and talent alike. 


Pre & Post Production Strategy development | Workflow Design | Media Asset Management | Content Distribution Problem Solving

If you are looking for outside help and expertise at Virtual Post you will find a team of professionals to guide your business.  


We understand the importance of people, process and technology and how it can be applied to the challenges presented throughout the television industry.

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