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Whether it's our own Brighton Post Production facility, a remote edit suite, a laptop, or a mobile phone, we make post production flow from the cloud to any connected system.

Our experience is similar to yours in that we are both connected to the same cloud-based infrastructure, which offers not only editing but also the collaboration tools you’ll need to include your entire production team. This allows Editors and Producers to work seamlessly regardless of location. When working remotely, you will receive the same level of dedicated support from our Edit Assistants, Post Producers, and IT as if you were in our own facility.​

Our Brighton post house's picture and audio finishing suites are bright, inviting spaces conveniently located near production offices, allowing you to collaborate easily with our outstanding team of creative talent.


We enjoy what we do, and our company culture is built on authenticity and transparency. We do everything we can to help the community, and we work hard to cultivate and grow exceptional talent.


It's about the people 

Meet the team, choose creative talent, we are always excited to hear from up and coming stars to experienced industry experts.

Virtual by name virtual by nature

Virtual Post's goal has been to innovate post production to make it more available and inclusive since its inception. Our services are cloud-based, giving you the freedom to connect to us wherever you are.

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